United States.

I love traveling around the country and seeing new places. The United States is a beautiful place to visit. Some places I like to visit in the United states are Orlando, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Tennessee, and California. I love Orlando because the most magical place on earth is there, Disney World. If you do not know what Disney World is, it is an amusement park with fun rides and activites to do. Texas is a beautiful place, there is a lot of cool places to shop and eat. Oklahoma feels like home to me, in the country, on a farm with horses and cows. Oklahoma is a good place to let loose and have fun! Colorado is fun to visit in the summer and in the winter. My favorite time is winter because you can ski. Tennessee is a great place, but I love Gatlinburg, Tennessee the best. Gatlinburg has great attractions to visit. California makes you feel good, the air and the sun just makes you feel skiphotogreat.

by: Maclain


                                                          This is a picture I took in Colorado.

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  1. djibril123 · November 16, 2016 at 11:35 am ·

    I really love the U.S because I was born and raised there, and so I’ve seen a lot of parts of the U.S which I found extremely beautiful.